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Classic set of 7 microphones tuned and matched to capture every nuance of a full drum kit
Complete collection of drum microphones, ideal for studio recordings and live performances
1 large diaphragm dynamic microphone specially designed for bass drum and low frequency instruments
4 dynamic percussion microphones for snare, toms and other acoustic percussive instruments
2 matched condenser microphones for overhead stereo drum imaging, excellent for stringed instruments as well
Cardioid polar pattern for outstanding sound source separation
Rugged, reliable metal die-cast body construction
Compact and versatile microphones make it suitable for precision and close mic recordings
Gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector for highest signal integrity


A package of 7 drum microphones provide an accurate representation of the entire drum set for both live and studio applications. Different sets of microphones are tuned to capture kick drums, toms, snares and cymbals efficiently. These compact and versatile microphones are suitable for precision and close mic recordings.
This KM1200 large diaphragm dynamic capsule is especially tuned for kick drums. Mount this mic onto a short microphone stand, then position it just inside the kick drum opening. Aim the mic directly at beater for more attack, or toward the far edge of the drum for more resonant tone.
The TM1200 medium diaphragm dynamic capsules are especially tuned for toms and snares. Mount clamps onto each mic then attach each of them onto the hoop of a tom or snare drum. The angle and distance from mic to drumhead is adjustable. Position each toward the center of the drumhead for best results.





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