Privacy Policy

StayGreat Solutions is NIGERIA-BASED RETAILER OF Scientific, Nautical, Surveying, Electric, Photographic, Cinematographic Optical, Weighing, Measuring, Signaling, Checking (Supervision), Life-Saving And Teaching Apparatus And Instruments; Apparatus For Recording Transmission In Reproduction Of Sound Or Images; Magnetic Data Carriers Recording Disc; Automatic Vending Machines And Mechanism For Coin-Operated Apparatus; Cash Registers, Calculating Machines, Data Processing Equipment And Computers; Free-Extinguishing Apparatus, Etc.

Statement of the Company

We are dedicated to protecting your privacy at StayGreat Solutions . We believe that a business should use customer information honestly and solely to improve the customer experience. We do this by using data about the products you’ve viewed in the past to show you more products we believe you’ll like in the future and also by monitoring the performance of our website in order to continuously improve it for the benefit of all our customers.
Each piece of information you provide on this site will be kept secure; we will never abuse it or sell it to other businesses. This privacy statement describes the manner in which we gather and utilize personal information. We suggest that you read it completely before using this website or submitting any personal information – that way, you’ll understand precisely what we’re going to do with the information you provide and can relax knowing you won’t have to worry about it.

Payment Protection

We provide the usage of a secure server when you make orders or access account information. All information you enter is encrypted using secure server software (SSL) before it is transmitted to us. Additionally, as required by Nigerian data protection regulations, we adhere to stringent security measures while storing and disclosing the information you provide to us in order to prevent unauthorized access. As a result of our security measures, we may sometimes demand confirmation of identification before disclosing sensitive information to you.

Information Gathering

What kind of information do we collect?
We gather personally identifiable information about you, including your name, postal address, email address, phone number, purchase history, and browsing behavior. When you make an order with StayGreat Solutions  or submit your data to us, we keep this information (using a web-form or a newsletter sign-up form).

Why do we gather your personal information?

We use a customer interaction solution that enables advanced communication with our customers and users. This means that we’ll make greater use of all the data we have about you in order to guarantee that you only get emails that are totally relevant to you.

We’ve designed the website in such a manner that you may explore and enjoy the most of it without ever having to provide us with any information that might be used to identify you personally.

However, some of the site’s more sophisticated functions, such as purchasing items, do need some PII (personal information.) This includes supplying us with sufficient information to complete payment and fulfill your purchases, as well as contacting you in response to your Contact Us or Newsletter Sign Up form submissions.

How we utilize your information

For instance, if we see you’re spending a lot of time exploring a certain category, we may send you an email with some useful information about that area, such as a video or buyers guide.

Choosing not to participate in marketing

We provide an opt-out mechanism for marketing activities such as email newsletters and postal mailings and do not share your information with third-party businesses. To opt-out of any marketing format, contact us.

Data Security Commitment

When you use our website to make a purchase, we consider the information you provide to be private. The information is stored on a secure server that is not accessible to the public.

We safeguard any personally identifying information you provide to us. This information is accessible only to authorized employees, agents, and contractors (who have agreed to keep the information safe and secret). Please contact us if you want to opt-out of any kind of marketing.

Leaving This Website

Our website may include connections to other websites that may be of interest to you. However, after you’ve left our site through one of these links, you should understand that we have no control over the other website. As a result, we cannot guarantee the security or privacy of any information you give when visiting other sites, which are not covered by StayGreat Solutions privacy policy. You should take care and review the website’s privacy policy.

Having said that, we adhere to this privacy statement to the maximum degree possible when managing external online services used by StayGreat Solutions, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. However, these services have their own privacy rules.


These practices may change from time to time, often when we add new technology to improve your shopping experience or the functionality of our site, but any changes will be noted below this ‘Additions’ section and will only apply going forward.

As is the case with the majority of websites, the StayGreat Solutions website makes use of cookies. However, do not fear; we are here to explain how website cookies operate and why we use them on our site.

What exactly are cookies?

Cookies are little bits of data saved on your computer that our website utilizes to improve your customer experience.

Cookies do not gather any personally identifiable information (PII); they just facilitate your purchasing experience. These assist us in identifying problem areas and determining the number of visits to the StayGreat Solutions website.

What are cookies and how do we utilize them?

2.1 Shopping Cart: When you add numerous products to your shopping cart, a cookie is utilized to keep track of them. This cookie is only kept for a brief amount of time in the event that you want to return to our site later that day to finish your transaction (s).

2.2 Recommendations: A cookie is used to suggest items that may be of interest to you based on the material you have seen on our site.

2.3 Customer Login: When you log in to our website, we establish a cookie to keep you signed in so that you may check out without having to input your password several times. This cookie is session-based and will expire after about 24 hours.

2.4 Payment Providers: If you choose to pay via Paystack or another accessible payment option, cookies are needed to store your purchase information after you leave the StayGreat Solutions website in order to complete your payment.

2.5 Analytics: We utilize Google Analytics, a cloud-based tool, to get insight into how our consumers interact with our website. For instance, we can determine the most popular items, troubleshoot website technical problems, and determine whether anybody read our most recent blog! The information collected comprises behavioral data such as the pages seen by users, the buttons/links clicked by users, and the main actions taken by users throughout the online browsing and purchasing process. We utilize this information to enhance your customer experience, such as by displaying our most popular products, speeding up the website, and delivering materials you’re interested in reading.

Please Note: These cookies do not include any personally identifiable information about you, and your browsing behavior is anonymized, which means that users cannot be tracked individually. Cookies used by analytics may be kept for up to 30 days. This enables us to determine the number of visitors who return to the site after an initial visit.

2.6 Facebook Modules: The integrated Facebook comments and Like buttons use Facebook cookies to detect whether or not you are presently signed into Facebook. These cookies are not used to gather information. This cookie data is not accessible to us. Facebook hosts both of these services on

Additionally, we use the Facebook Pixel. This is accomplished via the use of a cookie that enables us to show you advertisements based on your browsing and buying activity on Your personal information is never shared, and the data is anonymized so that we cannot monitor your particular behavior.

2.7 Bing and/or Google Shopping Cookies: When you do a search on Bing or Google, you may be shown product shopping advertisements. If you click on a product advertisement from a search engine, including an image search, the search engine will place a cookie on your computer. This enables us to determine the number of individuals who viewed or clicked on a StayGreat Solutions advertisement.

How can I control my cookie usage?
Allowing websites to set cookies is recommended. We cannot guarantee that if you disable cookies, you will be able to browse StayGreat

Although the majority of internet browsers accept cookies automatically, you can adjust your browser’s settings to delete cookies or disable automatic acceptance if you prefer.

The links below will explain how to manage cookies in each of the main browsers. Bear in mind that if you disable cookies in your browser, these settings will be applied to all websites you visit, not only StayGreat Solutions.

Additional Privacy Concerns?

Please contact us if you have any questions, issues, or comments regarding our privacy statement. We retain the right to amend this policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be noted on this page.