54 Keys Learners XY-813 Keyboard Piano With Adaptor And Microphone


54 standard keys
100 timbres
100 rhythms
5 percussions
8 demonstration songs
32 stage tempo control
16 stage volume control
Chord function: Syn,single, finger & fingered chord;fill-in
Rhythm programming function
Black-white key for Recording function
Rhythm chord volume control
Sustain & vibrato function
Rising & descending tone function
Continuous & selected singing function
Digital display

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The XY-813 is a low cost, entry-level portable keyboard. With 54 keys and basic features it’s an easy choice for a first keyboard. 54 full-sized keys are great for learning and developing keyboard playing technique. It allows for the performance of beginner to advanced level pieces, allowing for sustained notes to ring through without being cut off. Auto power off saves energy by shutting down after a period of inactivity.




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