Yamaha MGP24X Premium Mixing Console large


Style: 24-Channel Mixer
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Brand Yamaha
Number of Channels 24
Product Dimensions 27.95″D x 37.4″W x 11.02″H
Item Weight 20 Kilograms
Connectivity Technology USB

About this item

  • 16 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and HPF per Channel
  • 24 Line Inputs (16 mono and 4 stereo)
  • 6 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
  • 4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus
  • 2 Matrix out


Product Description

The Yamaha MGP24X mixer gives you analog warmth and simplicity along with sophisticated DSP functions, all in a compact metal chassis packed with slick Yamaha innovation. Your signal path starts with great-sounding D-PRE Class A mic preamps, sporting an inverted Darlington circuit design. The MGP24X’s X-pressive equalization delivers the essence of classic vintage EQs, while its intelligent 1-knob compressors give you effortless dynamic control. With its Priority Ducker, Leveler, and Stereo Image functions, the Stereo Hybrid channel offers a fresh take on sound reinforcement in the digital age. Check out the evolution of the analog mixer: Yamaha’s MGP24X. Yamaha MGP24X at a Glance: A fresh approach to analog mixing Analog warmth, digital sophistication The Stereo Hybrid channel is analog and digital FX, EQ, and more Built for serious professional use A fresh approach to analog mixing In the MGP24X, Yamaha has taken a fresh approach toward the utilization of digital

From the manufacturer

The Evolution of Analog

D-PRE preamps

X-pressive EQ

1-Knob Compressors

Internal Universal Power Supply


Initially intended for use with Yamaha’s high-end recording gear, these studio-grade, discrete Class-A mic preamps employ an inverted Darlington circuit design that features multiple circuitry elements in a multi-layered configuration in order to deliver more power with lower impedance. This means all the character, depth and feel of your original signal will be delivered with fat, natural sounding bass and smooth, soaring highs.

X-pressive EQ

we became increasingly focused on reproducing the warmth and musicality of classic vintage EQs. It was through our precise modeling of the original circuitry of some of the most sought-after EQ modules from the past that we discovered a characteristic “X-shape” of the frequency curves that was unique to these units— and would ultimately prove essential to unlocking real vintage authenticity.

1-Knob Compressors

Originally a Yamaha innovation, 1-knob compression is now a popular feature on an increasing number of compact mixing consoles with good reason. These intelligent compressors add optimally set compression to a wide variety of input sources with the touch of a single control—minus the hassle of setting up and configuring complex outboard gear. The MGP features our newly upgraded 1-knob compressors that feature LED indicators allowing you to visually monitor when the compression “kicks in” on each channel.

Internal Universal Power Supply

You can plug in with confidence in any region with 100V-240V power thanks to our highly-efficient internal universal power supply. With its multi-voltage design, the MGP ensures safe operation in potentially damaging environments with fluctuating power levels. An Internal power supply also simplifies rack mounting of the console at installed applications, with no use for a bulky adapter or additional connections.




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