TANNOY GOLD 8 8″ Active Monitor Speaker Pair With Stands

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Premium 300 Watt bi-amped nearfield studio reference monitors for accurate sound reproduction with outstanding definition
Ultra-precise and neutral soundstage delivers non-fatiguing sound for extended listening sessions
Legendary Tannoy Dual Concentric driver technology provides class-leading phase coherence and point-source imaging
Front-firing bass port design allows for near-wall placement and ensures optimal low frequency performance
Next generation 8” Dual Concentric driver secures unrivalled musical articulation and outstanding dynamics
1-inch titanium tweeter with Tulip waveguide produces detailed stereo image with widened “sweet spot”
Class-AB system with transducer-matched LF and HF bi-amplification for accurate dynamics
Continually-active XLR and TRS phone jack inputs let you connect up to 2 audio sources
Dedicated input trim, bass and treble controls let you optimize the audio for your listening conditions


The Tannoy GOLD is a high-grade studio monitor featuring a bi-amplified design with 300 watts of power. The custom Tannoy Dual Concentric driver technology delivers class-leading phase coherence and point-source imaging. This ensures the best possible audio fidelity, capturing every nuance from your source audio with maximum precision and accuracy. It provides an ultra-wide frequency response which allows you to hear every subtle detail from your audio, making it perfect for mixing and mastering applications.

The GOLD Studio Monitor is jam-packed with useful features and components to ensure the best possible sound. The 1-inch titanium tweeter produces a Tulip waveguide which results in a highly detailed stereo image. This allows you to easily find the “sweet spot” for your monitors. The symmetrical dispersion results in a broad soundstage with ultra-accurate stereo imagining. This makes the monitors perfect for music production, mixing, mastering, video production and everything in between.

The bi-amplified design provides immense voluminous power whilst retaining its sonic clarity. This ensures a clean yet powerful sound at any volume level. The front-firing bass port design helps to provide added power for the low-end, providing voluminous bass you can truly feel. The rear of the monitor features integrated controls for adjusting the sound of your monitors to fine-tune them to your working space.

To get the best possible audio performance, your sound should remain flat (not too reflective or absorbent). To help with this, the Tannoy Gold comes equipped with HF trim control and a rear panel filter switch for adjusting the low-end frequencies of the monitor. This allows you to adjust the sound of your monitors for any environment, optimising them to capture every nuance of your audio.

The front-panel features an integrated volume control for quick and easy access. The rear of the monitor features continually active XLR and TRS inputs. There is also an AUX input for playing music from a smartphone, MP3 player or any other similar devices. The monitor also features switchable intelligent signal sensing circuitry which switches your monitor to stand-by mode to conserve energy when not in use.

The Gold 8 from Tannoy is a dual-concentric, biamplified reference monitor capable of pushing 300W at 110 dB SPL. Use this monitor for accurate sound reproduction with a wide sweet spot thanks to the dual-concentric design and point-source waveguide.

With controls over the high and low frequencies, you can place this monitor in a variety of environments. XLR, and 1/4″ jacks adorn the rear, and are both continuously active, so you can have two different audio sources plugged in at the same time.

The monitor provides an 8″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter. It provides you with a frequency response of 54 Hz to 20 kHz.
Selectable automatic standby mode conserves energy




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