Takstar HD6000 Monitor Headphone


Clear highs and punchy bass
Closed design effectively isolates the ambient noise
Human engineering design for more comfortable wearing
Swivel earcup design for convenient single-side monitoring and carrying
Fashionable outlook design, 2 optional colors (black and coffee)


Dynamic type stereo earphone Folding rotary earphone, new design, high frequency clear clear, low frequency pure and powerful, super music rhythm, closed cavity design, effectively isolates external noise.
Ergonomic design, more comfortable wearing, rotating ear shell design, provide easy listening and comfortable experience.
Using high quality PET diaphragm drive unit, excellent resolution and transparency, realize excellent sound quality.
Stylish design, earmuffs that rotate 270 degrees, easy storage, soft and comfortable lining, and excellent flexibility provide a comfortable experience.
Headphones, music appreciation, online karaoke, audio production, etc.Product Specifications.




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