Studio Monitor Stand Adjustable Monitor Stands- (Pair)

Original price was: ₦105,000.00.Current price is: ₦65,000.00.

Features a 9 1/2″ Square platform with 1 mm thick non-slip pad
Height adjusts from 36 1/2″ to 54″ with line-it-up pin-locking positions every 4″
18″ Base offers a number of application options for set up
3 rubber feet for vibration dampening and leveling on solid flooring
3 leveling spikes for carpeted surfaces or for pinpoint contact


This stand is designed with home and project recording studios in mind. The height adjusts for listening sitting or standing and will lock in place with a security pin. Three adjustable leveling spikes on the bottom of the base keep this stand stable on any carpeted surface. Entire stand breaks down into three pieces for easy storage and travel.

Finally, a worthy home for your studio monitors! Now you have a stable, solid stand for the perfect placement of your studio monitors. The On Stage stand is height-adjustable from 36 to 54 inches and has a 9.5″-square top platform with 1mm thick non-slip pad for speakers up to 100 lbs. Leveling spikes in the base let you compensate for an uneven floor surface and the whole base is remarkably stable. Other features include a safety pin in the vertical post and arc-welded, steel construction. The vast majority of today’s studio monitors are near field monitors and near field monitors sound best when you listen from the sweet spot. These great On-Stage monitor stands let you pinpoint the placement of your speakers so you know you’re hearing exactly what they’re producing. Your mixes will sound better when you have your monitors in the optimum position.




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