Shure Professional VHF Wireless Lavalier And Collar Microphone System – SH-200


Key Features
• Frequency range: VHF high band 210-265MHz
• Frequency Accuracy: 5KHz
• Frequency response: 40Hz-16KHz
• Dynamic Range: 95db
• Operating Range: 100 meters (without obstacles)Single channel design, can use one handheld wireless microphones without interference.
– High precision quartz crystal to lock the frequency.
– High sensitivity and high S/N ratio, high fidelity without noise.
– Superior selectivity, multi-channel can use at the same time, do not interfere with each other.
– Suitable for studio / karaoke / radio / etc.
– Ideal environment for using distance is up to 50 meters, complex environment and practical distance is 30 – 40 meters.

System Parameters:
– Carrier frequency range: 210 – 280MHz
– Frequency response range: 60Hz – 16KHz
– Harmonic interference: more than 90dB
– Radio frequency stability: plus or minus 0.005 percent
– S/N ratio: more than 90dB
– Output intensity: 0 – 400mv
– Harmonic distortion: less than 0.5 percent
– Microphone is powered by 2 x 006F 9V battery ( included )


Wireless Head and Collar Both Mic’s Microphone System has 5KHz Frequency accuracy which means you can communicate with a clear reception. This microphone helps you manage events like Fashion Shows, Concerts, Weddings etc. With a operating range of 100 meters team co-ordination will be strong and everything would go according to the plan.




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