Sennheiser Uhf Wireless Handheld Microphone With Lcd Screen


Key Features
Two wireless Handheld Vocal Microphones with the best sound output you can ever find on a wireless in this range.
Multi-channel high band anti-interrupting wave;thereby eliminating interference successfully.
Operating Distance: 100 to 150 meters
PLL-synthesized fixed, working separately even if used even at the same time.
Companding design to expand effective range.
Eliminates feedbacks and noise.
Sensitive receiving design with antennas positioned at the front of the receiver.
Perfect performance gear for church,musical concerts and many more


The Sennheiser XSW-35 Pro UHF Wireless microphone is the latest generation of its company—UHF PLL-synthesized units.Representing a major breakthrough in both price and performance, it offers the superior performance, convenience and operational advantage of a top frequency-agile UHF wireless system. The system delivers 32 user auto- selecteable channels within any of several available 25MHz wide bands in the uncluttered wide-open high UHF range (790-865MHz) for optimum clear channel capability in any position.




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