Rode PodMic Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphone


Key Features
Broadcast-quality dynamic microphone
Rich, detailed sound optimised for podcasting, livestreaming and other speech applications
Internal pop filter, shock mount and integrated swing mount
Robust all-metal construction


The Rode PodMic is one of the coolest microphones on the market, with its signature broadcasting capsule and vintage feel. This dynamic mic was specifically developed to be a podcasting microphone, as the name so clearly suggests. It has been optimized to be used with the Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio, though certainly not required.
Aside from the awesome aesthetics, the PodMic comes with the ability to angle the microphone capsule, offering a level of flexibility that many podcasters need, and quite frankly, anyone sitting down will need. We’ve tested this microphone on multiple types of stands, from boom-arms to verticals, and it has great flexibility.
The Rode PodMic is incredibly durable due to the solid metal construction around the capsule, protecting it from any damage. The quality of this shell is quite impressive when you consider there are higher end microphones made with plastic that even us nerds have broken.
The Rode PodMic has an incredibly rich sound to it that was actually so good, I almost couldn’t believe it. We review a lot of microphones in this price range, and they never sound this good. When I compare it to my Shure SM7B, which costs 4x as much, they sound scary similar! The Shure still comes out on top, with a bit more warmth and depth, but not 4x as much…
Once you pair this XLR microphone with a powerful microphone preamp, and start working on the lows, mids, and highs, you’ll be able to find this microphone’s true potential. Similar to the Shure we’ve mentioned, we’re able to make this podcasting microphone work great for recording music, and it could even work in a live setting, thanks to its unidirectional cardioid pattern.
The sound quality, durability, and weight of this affordable dynamic microphone is top-notch.
What this dynamic microphone is good for may seem self-explanatory, being built for podcasting, but we would expand that to say it’s great for any voice work.
The well-balanced sound that you get from the Rode PodMic, with the wide-range frequency response that we don’t always see in dynamics, make this microphone perfect for anything from speaking to rapping, and perhaps even rock vocals.





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