Professional 12 Channels Console Mixer With Dsp Effect


Key Features
High Precision
Superior Quality
Digital Effect Processor


The Mixing Console is a professional-quality powered console mixer that provides high-quality audio for a variety of applications. The mixer has 12 mono channels with XLR mic and 1/4″ line inputs.
The mixer has a fan-cooled bipolar amplifier to provide strong, clear audio with low distortion. The mixer offers stereo L/R main mix and G1-2 group submix busses, with 4 master faders for precise control and a group to main enable switch. A built-in 32-bit DSP effects processors simulates plate, gate, room, hall, and stadium reverbs to add depth and richness to your sound for live or recorded audio. Other features include 60mm faders on all channels, channel trim controls, dual 7-band master EQs, switchable low cut filters, channel G1-2 assign and PFL buttons, EFF send controls, and pan and volume controls. 48V phantom power is provided for use with condenser microphones. There are 2 aux send and return jacks with level controls, and a pair of 10-segment LED bar graph meters with an L-R/G1-2/EFF and PFL selector, and a peak indicator. The mixer offers a variety of outputs, including balanced 1/4″ and XLR main stereo outputs, 1/4″ G1-2 outputs, adjustable 1/4″ L/R control room outputs, dual L/R amplifier outputs for daisy-chaining, and a stereo 1/4″ headphone output with an independent volume control and an L-R/G1-2 selector. The mixer has an internal shielded power supply that can be switched between 115/230VAC operation for international use.




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