Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 DJ Controller


7” vinylized jog wheels with LCD display in the middles
Instant Scratch
High quality audio
Magvel Fader Pro
22 FX including duck down, fill out, and helix out
Plug and play compatibility with Serato DJ Pro
Silent Cue
Smooth Echo


Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-REV7 is a two-channel unit designed so you can reach the full potential of DJing. Serato DJ Pro performance software is included, and the controller has a new design with large, vinylized motorized jog wheels with On Jog Display.

An ideal solution for open-format and scratch DJs, the DDJ-REV7 controller imitates a professional DJM-S mixer and PLX turntable setup. The tempo sliders sit horizontally on the top of the deck sections to mirror PLX turntables in a battle configuration, while the Performance Pads and Lever FX paddles sit in the mixer section (to parallel DJM-S Series mixer design).

Motorized 7” jog wheels are vinylized, giving them the feel of old-school analog mixing. Jog wheels have customizable settings and two slip sheets inside each deck so you can experiment with torque and friction. The acrylic top plate also has a finish for an analog record feel with a spin treatment to easily catch on your fingertips. It’s easy to keep an eye on the action with 3.5” LCD displays at the center of each jog wheel.

Instant Scratch buttons make the process of sampling during scratching incredibly streamlined. These buttons have four original samples and act as a built-in controller feature, so they’re accessible even without a laptop. Drop your own samples and full tracks by loading samples into the Serato DJ Pro Scratch Bank and tapping Performance Pads to activate.

The DDHJ-REV7 boasts 22 Beat FXs, three of which are new, and five Sound Color FX bring drama and texture to any performance. Other popular features include Silent Cue and Smooth Echo. Silent Cue stops the sound of the music speeding up as the platter spins, and Smooth Echo lets an effect be triggered when its assigned control is moved.

A controller with all these features is something you’ll want to bring everywhere. You can: it’s solid and robust, yet light enough to grab and carry from gig to gig.





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