An LCD screen to visualize the EQ settings
Front-firing port extends accurate and tight bass reproduction on the low-end frequencies
Designed to ensure laminar airflow for reduced port turbulence and low-frequency transient response
Engineered with high-quality materials that work perfectly with the advanced Fiber drivers



KRK ROKIT G4. It is ROKIT Science.

2-Way Active Studio Monitor Speaker, Black

KRK’s Rokit Generation 4 utilizes matching drivers made with Kevlar to ensure the same sonic integrity across all frequencies and minimizes listening fatigue. DSP-driven Room Tuning with 25 visual Graphic EQ settings helps minimize and correct problems in your acoustic environment. Works with the KRK App to set up your room for better monitoring and faster mixing. The custom-designed efficient Class D power amplifier drives the speakers evenly at reduced operating temperatures and improves audio integrity. The built-in Brick Wall Limiter automatically engages at maximum amp-level to maintain a balanced sound, protect the system, and offer better and wider dynamics. It features a low resonance enclosure for minimal distortion and colorization. A high density Iso-foam pad decouples the speaker from the surface to minimize vibration transmission for improved clarity.

Active Room Tuning

One of the best features of the Rokit G4 line of studio monitors is the option for DSP-driven Active Room Tuning. A first in its class, the Rokit G4 line offers an LCD graphic display for visualizing equalization settings, and Rokit G4 monitors come standard with 25 different onboard EQ settings to help minimize and correct problems in many acoustic environments.

The Rokit G4 line takes acoustic control one step further when you connect your monitor to the KRK app, available for both iOS and Android. With the app, you can accurately calibrate EQ settings to assist with proper speaker placement and level matching through use of the real-time Room Acoustic Analyzer. In just a few simple steps, you can determine the best settings for your monitor and really get the most out of your audio.

About KRK Systems

Known for accuracy and solid, innovative engineering, KRK studio monitors have been the choice of professional recording engineers and artists for over three decades. Many of the hits you hear-in a variety of musical genres-were mixed on KRK speakers. Your passion is music: Reproducing it with clarity and accuracy is ours.

Rokit 5 G4 Rokit 7 G4 Rokit 8 G4 Rokit 10 G4
Configuration 2-Way 2-Way 2-Way 3-Way
System Type Active Studio Monitor Active Studio Monitor Active Studio Monitor Active Studio Monitor
Woofer 5.25″ Kevlar Fiber 6.5″ Kevlar Fiber 8″ Kevlar Fiber 10″ Kevlar Fiber
Mid-Driver N/A N/A N/A 4.5″ Kevlar Fiber
Tweeter 1″ Kevlar Fiber 1″ Kevlar Fiber 1″ Kevlar Fiber 1″ Kevlar Fiber
Frequency Response 43Hz – 40KHz 42Hz – 40KHz 36Hz – 40KHz 26Hz – 40KHz
Available Colors Black, White Noise Black, White Noise Black, White Noise Black
Key Features
Speaker Type Subwoofer

Model Name ROKIT7G4

Subwoofer Diameter 7 Inches




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