Ibanez SR305 5-String Bass Guitar

Original price was: ₦1,670,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,170,000.00.


  • 5 strings
  • 5-piece SR5 maple/rosewood neck
  • Agathis body
  • Medium frets
  • B105 bridge
  • EXF-5 neck pickup
  • EXF-5 bridge pickup


When you pick up an Ibanez SR305 electric bass, you’re instantly greeted with that signature Ibanez “feel.” In fact, you’ll be surprised by how close the Ibanez SR305 plays and sounds like its higher end SR series siblings.

That feel and general “vibe” is due in large part to the SR305’s sleek 5-piece maple/rosewood neck and its comfortable Agathis arched body. As for tone, this one’s loaded with two high-output Ibanez EXF humbucking pickups plus a 3-band active equalization system. All things considered, the Ibanez SR305 is a sweet deal for anyone.

Ibanez SR305 5-string Electric Bass at a Glance:

  • Puts signature Ibanez feel into an affordable package
  • Versatile sound for any style
  • Jammed with tone, courtesy of humbucking pickups and an active EQ

Puts signature Ibanez feel into an affordable package

Finally, the feel of a big-time bass loaded into an awesomely reasonable priced package. Perfect for newcomers to the low-end, the Ibanez SR305 sports Ibanez’s signature “sleek and comfortable” playing feel. It’s got a 5-piece maple and rosewood neck, a comfortably contoured Agathis body, and a maple fingerboard.

Versatile sound for any style

Ibanez basses are used in every style of music from metal to rock to jazz fusion. The versatile pickups and active electronics let you shape your tone to best fit the gig. From the scooped mids for slapping and popping to massive low-end rumble the SR305 can do it all.

Jammed with tone, courtesy of humbucking pickups and an active EQ

Get ready for serious low-end juice. The Ibanez SR305 features two of Ibanez’s EXF-N2 humbucking pickups with ceramic magnets. To make the most out of the pickups – and to help you dial in the right bass tone – the SR305 is also loaded with a powerful active equalization system. It’s a great way to really nail a modern or classic sound, without having to fiddle with your amp.

What’s in the box

Ibanez SR Series SR305 5 String Electric Bass Guitar




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