Fender Champion 100 – 100-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier, with 2-Year Warranty


Brand Fender
Color Black
Compatible Devices Guitar
Output Wattage 100
Product Dimensions 29.5″D x 22.5″W x 14″H


Amp modeling

This amplifier features digital amplifier modeling encompassing a variety of amp types old and new, U.S. and U.K., and more. From classic Fender amp sounds to modern designs voiced for specific styles (i.e., metal), it’s just like having several amps in one.

Headphone jack

For convenient personal listening at any time that won’t bring the house down on anyone else within earshot, this amp features a headphone output jack.

Onboard Effects

In addition to their fantastic uncolored sound, many Fender amps come equipped with onboard effects that convey a versatile wealth of tonal coloring, atmospherics and textures. Includes reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo and much more.




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