Boya condenser lapel Microphone lavalier

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Key Features

  • Condenser microphone
  • Superb Sound
  • For Presentation
  • For video Recording
  • Use:Recording, interview
  • Set type:Single microphone
  • Lapel Microphone


Transducer:Condenser microphone
Use:Recording, interview
Set type:Single microphone
This microphone is your best choice.This microphone has never been easier to record high-quality sound for your voice and audio.At home, in the office or anywhere – professional capacitive microphones are ideal for experienced professionals or novice musicians who need a quality capacitive microphone.With good heart-shaped directional pickup, high output power, low self-noise, even the slightest sound can be reproduced accurately.Excellent singing partner, just to show your perfect voice.Unique heart-shaped directivity, very suitable for radio, home studio recording, live recording and so on.Capture rich, full sound from the source directly in front of the microphone with strict full electronic circuit control.Equipped with high quality damping frame, can effectively reduce noise.The spherical windproof foam cap keeps the microphone clean and protects the microphone from wind and impurities.The customized frequency response provides both vocal clarity and clarity.Windproof foam cap to protect microphone and pick up sound.Smooth, extended frequency response is ideal for singing, speaking and Musical Instruments.Can reduce the distortion of sound source to the greatest extent.The bass reducing switch can reduce indoor noise.Ideal choice for broadcast studio, dubbing studio, recording, etc.This moving coil microphone is very suitable for the human voice in the field environment, providing you with the required firmness, and its super heart-shaped pick up mode can put the external sound source in the best state.




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