Behringer Professional Wah-wah Pedal


Key Features
Best Quality Product
Soperb Sustain Production
Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from
Behringer.Hellbabe HB01 wah-wah pedal. …
a better sound you will have to adjust the bost switch so when you hit the wha …


It is very good with great quality and professionals A wah-wah pedal (or simply wah pedal) is a type of electric guitar effects pedal that alters the tone and frequencies of the guitar signal to create a distinctive sound, mimicking the human voice saying the onomatopoeic name “wah-wah”. The pedal sweeps the peak response of a frequency filter up and down in frequency to create the sound, a spectral glide, also known as “the wah effect”. The wah-wah effect originated in the 1920s, with trumpet or trombone players finding they could produce an expressive crying tone by moving a mute in and out of the instrument’s bell. This was later simulated with electronic circuitry for the electric guitar when the wah-wah pedal was invented. It is controlled by movement of the player’s foot on a rocking pedal connected to a potentiometer. Wah-wah effects are used when a guitarist is soloing, or creating a “wacka-wacka” funk-styled rhythm for rhythm guitar playing.[1]





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