Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer With Bluetooth


Ultra-low noise, high headroom digital mixer with wireless remote control
FLOW App for Bluetooth remote control from iOS/Android mobile phones or tablets
60 mm channel faders and master rotary control with LED collar
EZ-Gain function analyzes the signals in your application and automatically sets the gain for optimum headroom
Two Midas microphone preamps with 48 V phantom power and programmable gain


Digital mixers offer studio quality processing, highest fidelity, total recall of all settings and even remote operation. Those are hugely attractive features, but they all come at a cost – with bigger physical size, more complex operation requiring at least some degree of audio technical education. The millions of analog small format mixers that Behringer has built over the years clearly tell us that there are many users who need a mixer that is compact, affordable, dependable and easy to operate.

Typical applications very often just need to balance the level of a handful of sources. So, why making things more complicated than they need to be? It is time for something genuinely new providing modern features and workflows to everyone in a simple and light form – it is time for FLOW 8 digital mixing. Let’s face it, small mixers are more often placed where cables end, rather than in a position where it would be most useful for controlling the mix. You may have to stretch out for controlling levels or walk away from the mixer to judge if your adjustment has the desired effect. No longer! FLOW 8 mixers offer full remote control from basically any Android or iOS device, giving you the freedom to go exactly where the sound is ideal for making any sort of adjustment. Tweak the 9-band EQ for the main PA speakers, set the compressor on the bass guitar or adjust the mix for the talents on stage…




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