Behringer Audio Interface 2 Inputs 2 Outputs Digital Output UCA222 U-CONTROL Red


Key Features
Audio interface for simple connection of computer to musical instruments and mixers For recording and playback on PC such as DTM/DAW
Includes software including audio editor, podcasting software, and more than 150 virtual instruments and effects plug-in. Downloadable via Behringer web site
Works with your PC or Mac computer – No setup or driver required
48kHz High Definition Converter for High Audio Quality
Stereo headphone output with dedicated level control allows you to monitor both input and output


U-CONTROL UCA222The U-CONTROL UCA222 allows you to connect instruments and other audio devices to your computer, effectively merging the analog and digital worlds. optical output. The stereo headphone output features a dedicated level control and lets you listen to both the input and output.
Imagine the Possibilities!When used as a professional interface between a mixing console and your computer, myriad options become available.Some of these might include connecting the UCA222 RCA Outputs to the Tape Input jacks of your mixer or to your powered monitors you to use your mixer’s Aux Send feature to build an extremely-versatile monitor mix for recording sessions.
Value.For a mere fraction of the cost of an over-priced USB audio interface from those other guys, you can have state-of-the-art digital conversion and hassle-free connectivity between your PC or Mac Computer and any piece of audio equipment. Bridging the gap between your music and the rest of the world – the U-CONTROL UCA222. Check one out at your local BEHRINGER dealer, or place your order online today!




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