1、Clean, crisp and accurate sound reproduction

2、34mm large diaphragm providing both wide frequency response and superior transient response

3、With its low operating noise, it is suitable for use with sophisticated recording equipment

4、High performance and reliability

5、Switchable 100Hz and 200Hz Hz hi-pass filter and -6dB and -12dB pad

6、Designed for critical studio, live sound and broadcast applications



Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Mic

1、Clean, crisp and accurate sound reproduction

2、Wide frequency response and superior transient response

3、Low operating noise

4、High performance and reliability

* Capsule: 34mm large gold-supttered diaphragm
* Two external switches: low cut and sensitivity sttenuator
* Polar pattern: cardioids
* Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
* Sensitivity: -37dB±2dB
* Output impedance: 150Ω±30%
* Load impedance:  ≥1000Ω
* Self noise: 16dBA
* Max input SPL: 132dB
* S/N ratio: 78dB
* Power requirement: 48V phantom power supply17 years history

Alctron has 17 history, we never stop discovery. At first we just produced mic, but now we not only specialize in producing mic but also audio interfaces, monitoring headphones and audio tools. 17 years maybe not a long time for you but for Alctron is definitely long and important. It is a long journey without return choice.

Today’s Alctron takes developing brand as footstone, focuses on audio business, dedicates to supporting people’s music dream, helps our customer to enjoy a better life as enterprise mission, makes a China audio products enterprise, creates an excellent international audio brand, achieves harmony and win-win solution between enterprise and employees, leads industry progress to a high quality and professional direction, allows people to enjoy a better music world as enterprise vision, takes self-improvement, courage to struggle as enterprise culture.



Stick to qualitywsmxzakcjspz0505.jpg

Alctron still puts quality control in the top position, stick to high quality and reasonable quality control system. Nowadays, Alctron realizes staff, machine, material and rules each processing delicate producing and strict testing. Due to Alctron’s strict quality control, products are highly appreciated by audio professor.

Rely on better public praise, higher quality and wonderful performance, Alctron makes achievement step by step. Stick to products “triple combination”, focuses on users requirement and enhances product performance.




wsmxzakccx0505.jpgKeep on creative

Only innovator makes progress; only innovators makes own powerful; only innovator wins all the time. Since Alctron founded, we still sticks to self innovation strategic policy, controls key tech in audio device area and owns lots of National Patent for Invention. Under the idea of  “sale to the world”, Alctron strengthen technological innovation and improve the ability of independent research and development. Together with excellent domestic brands, Alctron is a rising industry star in china audio.


Appreciated by foreign customers4.jpg


Alctron keeps promise”let made in China go to foreign countries”, shows its charming in the world stage that appreciated by customers. Alctron influence expands to Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, Africa more than 50 countries and area.

From Western professional studio to Africa personal music studio, from class music to rock and roll, Alctron cultivates a music dream. Rely on better performance wins customers’ believe and appreciation.


wsmxzakcsh0505.jpgWith good after sale service

Before sale Alctron pay attention to quality, after sale Alctron pay attention to customers’ requirements, provides professional after sale service, Actron still remembers this point. Alctron builds after sale service system and anti-counterfeiting guarantee that provides customer a safety application environment. Alctron keeps ruuning and enhances service level provides a better after sale service to all of you.





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