Adjustable Microphone Isolation Shield With Pop Filter

Original price was: ₦145,000.00.Current price is: ₦75,000.00.

Clear sound
Reduces room noise
Flexible and versatile use
Lightweight and portable


The Microphone Isolation Shield from Knox Gear is a professional quality noise canceling shield that was designed to absorb unwanted noises and reduce the amount of room ambiance that is picked up by your microphone during recording.
It’s lightweight yet heavy-duty, and the folding design makes it easy to transport and store. It’s exactly what you need to record vocals, dialogue and other acoustic audio. It easily mounts directly to microphone stands and can be fixed over tabletops.
Product Features
Reduce room noise, decrease room reflections, and negate flutter echo, with the microphone isolation shield. With its 3 panel, 2 fold design, and high density foam and steel, the isolation shield is ideal for mounting on microphone floor stand or table stand (not included). It connects to a shock mount or microphone.
Crisp Vocal Recordings
Improve your sound quality with the help of our specially designed microphone shield. With professional studio equipment, you can record the clearest sound. Set up your recording booth. It’s perfect for recording vocals, acoustic recording, instruments and dialogue. Use it for studio recording, podcast, YouTube and all other audio. Acoustic foam and soundproof panels effectively eliminate unwanted noises, sounds and rustling.




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