54 kEYS- Standard Keyboard
100Timbres /100 Rhythms
5 Percussions/8 Demo songs
Single Finger /Fingered chord / Vibrato/Sustain /echo function
LED Digital display
Sync/Fill in
Rhythms Program/play/Record
16-stage Volume /32-stage tempo control
Continuous & selected singing
Rising/descending tone function
Large Scale Integration/Matrix Controlling logical circuit
External speaker
Ac Power/Double-channel Output
Format: 825X295X80mm
Weight: 3.1 KG
Tone area: C2-F6
Output power: 2 X 2 W
Rated voltage: DC 9V


Standard Beginners 54 Keys Learners Keyboard Piano with Adaptor – XY 813 + Free Gift Item

This superior Beginners 54 Keys Learners Keyboard Piano With Adaptor – XY 813 is a must have for your home, office, school, church etc whether you are learning or entertaining for your family, Beginners 54 Keys Learners Keyboard Piano With Adaptor – XY 813will perfectly fit the bill especially when you live an area where every second spent with electricity on costs a lot of bucks. It’s sleek and stylish design will blend beautifully with your modern lounge/ parlour/ setting room decor. It comes with strong adaptor.

However, this our Beginners 54 Keys Learners Keyboard Piano With Adaptor – XY 813 which is perfect for stimulating piano learners, young adults and your child’s imagination. Comes with A learning function that can be used for learners, young adults and kids of all ages, this keyboard is definitely the best gift for your family. Don’t hesitate to bring it home


54-keys learners


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